Brown Forman, a company with 145 years of tradition, was looking for a suitable marketing activity for its Bourbon Woodford Reserve to make the product better known to the relevant target group and generate valuable consumer insights.

As a full-service provider for influencer marketing, we were looking for Nano Infleuncers for Woodford Reserve from a suitable target group to make the brand and product known and generate insights.

We selected 500 enthusiastic whiskey testers and trained them as Nano Influencers for the Woodford Reserve campaign. They were equipped with the bourbon and the corresponding tumbler glasses and invited friends, acquaintances and colleagues to try the product with them and give their feedback. Collected impressions and experiences were documented and shared.

Recommendations and qualified trials for Woodford Reserve


people reached for Woodford Reserve


recommend Woodford Reserve

We decided to launch a campaign with TERRITORY Influence to make our premium whiskey better known in the right target group. The campaign results have absolutely fulfilled our expectations and we will continue to integrate Nano Influencer campaigns into our marketing plan in the future.

Senada Hamustafic

Brand Management,

Woodford Reserve

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