The new wiping cloth WypAll® ForceMax should be made known and tested in the relevant but very narrow target group of employees in workshops, in metalworking and processing companies as well as in industrial processing companies and paint shops.

As a full-service provider for influencer marketing, we were able to find the most suitable B2B influencers for Kimberly Clark Professional to test the functionality of the wipes and make them known in their environment.

B2B influencers make industrial wipes known to colleagues and generate trials

In a “two-phase campaign model”, the product was initially presented to all interested trnd members in a virtual Word-of-Mouth phase, in order to subsequently start the active WOM phase for all qualified interested parties of the selected branch of industry. These 50 B2B influencers were invited to try out the wipe novelty in their workshops and workplaces and to promote the product and its improved features.

The WypAll* ForceMax wipes convince the target group




convinced fellow testers

What the influencers say

The wipes are sensational, they’ve all been torn for it. It was used in manufacturing, kitchen, offices etc..
Absolutely tearproof and washable. Even the mirrors in the WC were cleaned super with it. Great action with a lot of enthusiasm from all participants.
(Comment, trnd-partner)

In the workshop to service vacuum pumps that always leak some oil. On the car when changing oil and checking the oil level. In production, on the milling machine and lathe to collect liquids and chips. And for cleaning the oil smeared hands after work they are wonderful.
(Comment, trnd-partner)

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