8% Sales Uplift for Royco

As the French market leader for instant soup dishes, Royco was looking for the right marketing instrument to address the young, active target group with a new positioning. The goal was to generate trials and increase household penetration in France.

As full-service partner for influencer marketing we could activate 1,000 Nano Influencers for Royco, which made the snack alternative known in their environment.

Nano Influencers generate trials and increase household penetration

1,000 Everday Influencers, selected according to target group criteria, are instructed by TERRITORY Influence to try the soup snack together with family, friends and colleagues and to exchange ideas in discussions.

More market sales and higher household penetration


market sales (total brand)


market sales (3 products of the campaign)


household penetration

em>External measurement of MarketingScan (subsidiary of GfK & Mediametrie) with French test/control cities in 12 weeks (incl. one month campaign time and follow-up time).

We were really impressed to see how enthusiastic consumers were about our products. It was also interesting to get direct feedback on the new positioning of the Royco brand. The collaboration with TERRITORY Influence was very inspiring and constructive at all times.

Karine Mahe

Senior Product Manager Royco,

Continental Foods

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