Vorwerk wanted to play it safe for the launch of the new vacuum cleaner robot “Kobold VR200” and was looking for support from Nano Influencers, who were already testing the product before market launch.

As a full-service partner for influencer marketing, we were able to activate 500 perfectly fitting Nano Influencers for Vorwerk, who tested the vacuum cleaner robot in all nano situations.

Nano Influencers achieve product optimization after five-week in-home test

500 optimally suited Nano Influencers provided for numerous insights during the five-week test phase. The Kobold VR200 was extensively tested on the basis of various weekly tasks and the results were documented by photo and video. A closed microsite made it possible for the Nano Influencers to transmit their collected content and to discuss it with Vorwerk but also with the other testers.

A top product for market launch

Vorwerk was able to optimize the VR200 even before its market launch and thus present a mature and successful product right from the start, which was the test winner at Stiftung Warentest just a few weeks after market launch.


usage days (corresponds to 48 years of continuous use)


Records from real-life insights



The TERRITORY Influence in-home-use test for our new suction robot Kobold VR200 was a complete success. In the course of the test, we were able to collect many valuable tips with which we could optimize the product even before its market launch. In particular, the direct contact in the test blog helped us to respond very quickly and individually to the comments. We can recommend the method without restriction and are already thinking about another campaign ourselves.

Simone Reske

International Product Manager,


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