Ebro Foods, world leader in the rice sector, was looking for a way to make its Brillante a la Sartén (risotto ready meal) range known throughout Spain and to generate trials.

As a full-service partner for influencer marketing we were able to activate Everyday Influencers for Brillante who tried out the product range with friends and family.

Everyday Influencers push sales figures and generate trials

5,000 Everyday Influencers were invited to try out the Brillante a la Sartén products with friends and family at tasting parties to make them better known.

More sales and higher product benefit

In the campaign’s test region, the Everyday Influencers were willing to pay a higher price for the product (compared to the control region). In over 9,000 tasting parties, the product was discussed extensively and recommended to others, resulting in a 28% sales uplift.


more sales (test/control measurement)


tasting parties

Source: IRI, test and control market in 80 stores in Q2/13.

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