The European online shop Zalando was faced with the challenge in Italy, a less online-shopping-oriented country, to make its service better known, to learn more about the buying behaviour of its customers and to generate new customers with it.

As a full-service partner for Influencer Marketing, we have found and activated 5,000 suitable Nano Influencers for Zalando Italy to make the offer known and thus generate new customers.

50,000 Nano Influencers give their all for Zalando

As part of the campaign concept, over 50,000 Nano Influencers were involved in a first step and asked to give their opinion on Zalando and online shopping. The 5,000 Nano Influencers selected afterwards ensured that Zalando gained over 10,000 new customers.

Over 10,000 new customers, awareness and important insights

The six-week Nano Influencer campaign made the Zalando online shop known to more than 50,000 interested parties and, thanks to the cooperation of 5,000 Nano Influencers, was able to generate 10,212 new customers for Zalando.


new customers

* Source: Zalando SE. Six weeks campaign duration from September to November 2014

It is very important for us to get to know our existing and potential customers. If we understand the true needs of consumers, we can constantly improve our service and offer – this is why we are particularly satisfied with TERRITORY Influence’s campaign. The successful collaboration has not only helped us to get insightful feedback, but also new customers to be gained through effective word-of-mouth.

Lucia Ciarambino

Local Brand Manager,

Zalando SE

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