Case Study
Macro Influencers for Innovage

We partner with Innovage and 3 Macro Influencers. 

At the beginning of 2023, we worked with INNOVAGE in order to increase their visibility and consideration on the Spanish market by creating quality content and to promote their sell-out in pharmacies and e-commerce with influencer marketing on Instagram.


Beauty ambassadors to reach the Spanish audience

INNOVAGE is an innovative line of nutricosmetics developed with the latest technologies and formulated with the highest quality ingredients that act from the inside to help achieve visible and real results. So, in order to achieve great visibily in the Spanish market, we worked hand in hand with 3 beauty ambassadors who had a Spanish audience of more than 60% and mostly woman.


3 Macro Influencers as our Beauty Ambassadors

For this campaign on Instagram, the selection was key. Based on the brands needs we chose  @paulacamaros, with family and lifestyle content and 230K followers on Instagram, @aishawari whose profile is all about beauty and wellness with 245K followers, and lastly, @jessiekass who is a psychologist and mother with 330K followers. We asked the influencers to share creative video content on their Instagram profiles, as Reels and Storys, where the main idea was to communicate that it is as important to take care of our inner beauty, just as we take care of our outer beauty. The influencers crated 1 video each were they showed their new beauty routine and the activities they accomplished, such as exercising, working all day, going on a walk, and playing with their kids while incorporating INNOVAGE into their lifestyle on a daily basis.


+1.6 M Online Impressions with the perfect influencers

Thanks to the tailor made content of the ambassadors showcasing the benefits of the product and how to make INNOVAGE your daily routine we reached +1.6M impressions and a reach with +1.5M in total. To increase the visibily even, we started a paid social media boost on @paulacamaros Reel. This led to obtained +1.1M online impressions on top Also, the community was very active and  and left more than 160 comments on social media and 2.636 likes

“Im going to order it! Thanks for the advice!–  Instagram follower.


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