Case Study
Grefusa Pombear

Grefusa is a Spanish family-owned company specialized in cereal snacks and nuts with more than 20 years of experience. The main value of their products is the fact that they do not contain neither palm oil nor conservatives or artificial flavors. They consider nutritious values the aim in their production.


Pombear, a snack for family time

Early 2023 we collaborate with this company in order to increase awareness and penetration in the Spanish market during the launch of their new product Pombear, a potatoes snack with the shape of a bear, through qualitative product trials with families. A true challenge, as the market in which we were focusing was full of other alternatives from which our target, kid’s parents, could choose from.


Creative challenges to boost ambassadors’ participation

To achieve our aim, we selected 400 micro influencers on our community TRND.es who were part of a family with children from 6 to 12 years old who spent time together playing videogames or watching movies and TV shows as a family, perfect moments to consume snacks. Every participant received one box with 14 bags of Pombear to consume during family moments. We asked them to share their family experience with this new snack on their social media profiles, as we wanted to highlight Pombear as a snack not only for kids, but for the whole family. They had 2 main missions: upload videos saying “patatas” (potatoes), main product’s ingredient, and photos showing the distinctive snacks’ bear shape in close-up.


+8M brand impressions for Grefusa Pombear

As a result, they published 1,067 contents, especially on Instagram, which lead to achieve our awareness goal with more than 2,2M organic estimated impressions on social media. To increase the brand and campaign’s impact, we activated paid media boost in the best content, generating 5,7M more impressions. By the end the campaign they were so convinced by this snack that they rated it 9.3/10 and 96% of the brand ambassadors stated that they would buy Pombear again, because they found them “Light, crunchy and you cannot stop eating them”. 97% would also recommend our snacks to their family and friends because they think “it has a flavor and shape that everybody loves”.


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