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TERRITORY eBook - Content Inflation

The Content Inflation: 7 Tips To Stop Worrying

…and start loving it! Discover how to meet the exponential need for brand content without doubling your marketing budget every year. In collaboration with content experts from TERRITORY Group.

social media influencer ebook

The Social Media Influencer Personas

How to survive in the digital jungle and maximize your influencer campaigns thanks to a new value-based typology. In collaboration with Macromedia University and its research team.

eCommerce eBook

The Power of Ratings & Reviews

How to generate and manage online Ratings & Reviews for your brand? In collaboration with gominga, the e-commerce expert.

sales impact ebook

The ROI of Nano Influencers

How to effectively boost sales and measure the impact of offline peer-to-peer recommendations. In collaboration with our IRI partner, one of the original innovators in big data.


Beauty Influencer Marketing Deck
Beauty Influencer Marketing Deck
Beauty Influencer Marketing Deck