Check our webinar calendar to watch our video replays and to take part in our future online events. Seven language options are often available, let us know if you need specific materials or have questions. 


Territory Influence x Talkwalker Webinar

#June: It's a Match! How to Become a Love Brand?

Understand how certain brands adopted the “new normal” and became true love brands with the help of influencers. In collaboration with Talkwalker, social listening partner.

Territory x FUTR Europe 2021

#May: Influencer Marketing | Gateway to Insights & Data

Discover how brands can work with influencers to fuel data capture, improve (re)targeting, lower digital CPM, optimize DTC models, and collect consumer insights. Conference from FUTR Europe 2021.

Territory Influence x IRI Webinar

#April: Nano Influence | 4€ ROI with Zero Followers

Find out how to effectively boost sales and measure the impact of offline peer-to-peer recommendations. In collaboration with our IRI partner, one of the original innovators in big data.

Territory Influence Webinar with Macromedia University

#February: Survival Guide To Social Media Influencers

Discover a new value-based typology and tips that can maximize your campaign outcomes. The result of a survey with Macromedia University involving 46,000 Nano, Micro, Macro influencers.


Webinar with Kantar

#November: 2021 Influencer Marketing Strategies

How to leverage the long-term brand building impact of nano, micro, macro & star influencers? In collaboration with Kantar.

Webinar with gominga

#September: The Power of Ratings & Reviews

How to generate and manage online Ratings & Reviews for your brand? In collaboration with gominga – the e-commerce expert.

Webinar with TERRITORY Group

#June: Recovery Society

What does the world look like after the pandemic? Discover our 11 theses challenged by over 37,000 consumers across Europe.

Covid19 Webinar

#April: Covid-19 Research

What is the impact for consumers & brands in Europe?