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As a part of the Bertelsmann Group and with our experience since 2005, TERRITORY Influence is one of the leading full-service influencer marketing agencies with employees all accross Europe.
With our diverse expertise we are helping big & small brands to achieve their goals, by putting consumers at the heart of their marketing plans. From consulting to execution, we pay particular attention to quality and transparency with results delivered in real time.

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“We develop and realize custom-fit solutions that include the entire influencer spectrum. Our specialized teams are looking forward to any challenge and are able to solve it on the basis of their broad experience and our own scalable technologies. Fast, efficient, and targeted.”


Stefan Schumacher,
Managing Director


Expanding influence across Europe

At TERRITORY Influence, we take immense pride in our global presence, with offices in five vibrant countries – France, Spain, Germany, Hungary, and Poland. Our international reach enables us to bridge cultural boundaries, understand diverse markets, and connect with influencers and brands on a truly global scale.
By having a physical presence in these countries, we strengthen our ability to craft tailor-made influencer marketing campaigns that resonate with local audiences, while also harnessing the power of our extensive network of influencers spanning across borders. Our multi-country offices exemplify our commitment to providing unparalleled expertise and personalized solutions to clients worldwide.

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