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Balbine spirits

For Valentine’s day, we increased the offline and online visibility of Balbine Spirits based on home cocktails experiences in Belgium. This influencer campaign was also the opportunity to collect feedbacks about the new spirit brand. We selected 100 epicureans, gin lovers used to do cocktails, and active on Instagram on our TRND community: a platform with engaged (unpaid) nano & micro influencers.


250 authentic and tactical brand content for a new brand.

After a 2-week education and dialogue phase with our project manager, the influencers organized cocktail tastings for the Valentine’s Day with their loved ones: a romantic dinner, a relaxing evening… They had two options: 65% tasted the Old Tom Gin and 35% tasted the Gin. All got convinced with a 100% brand USP approval and rated overall the product 4.8 out of 5. 84% of them were even willing to buy the product after the campaign. Scroll down after the brand testimonial to see the results in terms of offline & online reach.

What I remember about the operation is the large number of candidates! The selection was very well done with a good distribution between nano & micro profiles. The activation was very fluid and the agency communications fed the participants with new challenges and relevant content each time. It has enabled me to greatly increase my community on Instagram and boost the brand visibility. The amplification of the brand’s reach was noticeable, with authentic speeches: they were really good brand ambassadors! Julien Maingraud, Founder


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