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NANA™ launched a new menstrual pad with a special fitting technology: Courb-V. It comes to replace the existing Ultra lines range and is specially designed to fit all body shapes. With this campaign, we helped to educate the current consumers about this important change and the benefits of this adaptative innovation. We also helped NANA™ to be considered as a trustworthy brand.

250 women nano influencers to experiment the new technology

Among the +7K applications that we received, we selected 250 women to test the new NANA™ Courb-V technology. They were all familiar with menstrual pads and knew the brand NANA™.

For the campaign, they received 2 references to experiment: NANA™ V-Protection to be used during the day and another for the night called NANA™ Good Night. We educated them about the brand history as well as the product benefits and new technology Courb-V.
After 2 weeks, they were able to share their experience with photos, comments and give their opinions.

Laury37: “There was no discomfort sensation during the day, I felt well protected and safe despite some pretty hectic activities. During the night, it was the same even though I move a lot in my sleep, the pads did not move and did the job very well!”

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