Case Study

In France, we helped the well-known brand Caprice des Dieux to promote ‘Caprice des Anges’, a specific product of its range. The aim was to encourage the promotion of this product, less known than the brand’s iconic one. They also wanted to educate customers about the different ways to eat this cheese and recruit new consumers.


We selected 1,000 nano and 100 micro influencers for this campaign. 95% of them were women, who loved to eat cheese, especially fresh one. And 80% of them confirmed they consume cheese from competitors’ brands.

They all received a box with details about the brand and product, with coupons to share and activate offline. During two weeks, they had the opportunity to taste ‘Caprice des Anges’ into different ways: both spread and sliced. They were asked to share their experience with their online community on social media as well their relatives.
The product has received a very positive response, with good reviews and a recommendation rate of 94%. 85% of the influencers also commented they would buy the cheese after the campaign.

Diaboloflo : “ I enjoyed this light and delicious cheese. It can be easily cut and I like the packaging. Very good cheese, I would totally recommend! “

At the end of the project, ‘Caprice des Anges’ was rated 4.5/5 and 4.6/5 for the brand.

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Caprice des Anges
Caprice des Anges
Caprice des Anges
Caprice des Anges

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