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Webinar Territory with Sprinklr about Content Marketing

#February: Easier Content in Harder Times

The number of channels is rising such as the expectation of tailor made communication – leading to a content marketing challenge for every marketers! In this webinar, we give 7 tips on producing, planning, and analyzing content – without doubling your budgets. Learn from the experts and best practices from major brands.


TikTok Webinar with TERRITORY Influence

#November: Unlock your Ads' Full Potential with Influencer Marketing

Do you make sure to let your advertising work to its full potential? With data from the latest media reaction report by Kantar and in-depth case studies, we show you how influencer marketing can offer an effective way to reach consumers where they want to.

TikTok Webinar with TERRITORY Influence

#September: Skill up with Pinterest

How can brands benefit from the ROI of Pinterest and Return on Inspiration they need? How can creators help turn ideas into action? In Collaboration with Pinterest.

TikTok Webinar with TERRITORY Influence

#June: TikTok for Marketers | Learn from Consumers & Creators

How can brands leverage the “edutainment” trend on TikTok? We surveyed 33,000 Europeans and turned their insights into practical marketing tips. In Collaboration with London Research.

M2M Webinar

#April: The Best Practices of Influencer Marketing

Edition N°2 to get the keys-to-success for collaborating with nano, micro, macro and/or star influencers. The summary of #M2M (Marketers to Marketers) discussions across Europe and 6 concrete case studies.


2022 Influencer Marketing Trends

#December: 2022 Influencer Marketing Trends

Let our influencer experts guide you through the 5 most important social trends, challenged by 52,500+ insights from consumers, and completed with a live testimonial from a content creator.

Open Eyes Economy Summit 2021

#November: Open Eyes Economy Summit 2021

Rafael Schwarz, Executive Director at TERRITORY Influence, was part of an inspirational round table about “Robbing Or Saving? The Cultural Impact of Streaming” for the Music industry.

CMO Digital Summit 2021

#October: CMO Digital Summit 2021

Sense check your approach with likeminded industry experts, sharing insight on business-critical challenges and disruptive technology and drive your industry forward collaboratively.

Territory Influence x Talkwalker Webinárium

#September: The Best Practices of Influencer Marketing

Get the keys-to-success for collaborating with content and conversation creators by entering our #M2M (Marketers to Marketers) discussions based on concrete case studies.

Territory Influence x Talkwalker Webinárium

#Június: It's a Match! Lovebrand: Hogyan válhatunk azzá?

Understand how certain brands adopted the “new normal” and became true love brands with the help of influencers. In collaboration with Talkwalker, social listening partner.

Territory x FUTR Europe 2021

#Május: Influencer Marketing | Híd a statisztikákhoz és adatokhoz

Fedezd fel, hogy a márkák hogyan működhetnek együtt influencerekkel az adatgyűjtés elősegítésének érdekében, a (re) targeting javítására, a digitális CPM csökkentésére, a hibakód -modellek optimalizálására és a fogyasztói statisztikák gyűjtésére. Konferencia: FUTR Europe 2021.

Territory Influence x IRI Webinárium

#Április: Nano Influence | 4€ ROI követők nélkül

Find out how to effectively boost sales and measure the impact of offline peer-to-peer recommendations. In collaboration with our IRI partner, one of the original innovators in big data.

Territory Influence Webinárium a Macromedia Egyetemmel

#Február: Survival Guide To Social Media Influencers

Discover a new value-based typology and tips that can maximize your campaign outcomes. The result of a survey with Macromedia University involving 46,000 Nano, Micro, Macro influencers.


Webinárium Kantar-ral

#November: 2021 Influencer Marketing Stratégiák

Hogyan használható ki legjobban a nano-, mikro-, makro- és sztár-influencerek hosszú távú márkaépítő hatása? Kantar-ral együttműködve.

Webinárium a gomingával

#Szeptember: The Power of Ratings & Reviews

How to generate and manage online Ratings & Reviews for your brand? In collaboration with gominga – the e-commerce expert.

Webinárium a TERRITORY csoporttal

#June: Recovery Society

Hogyan néz ki a világ a pandémia után? Discover our 11 theses challenged by over 37,000 consumers across Europe.

Covid19 Webinar

#April: Covid-19 Research

What is the impact for consumers & brands in Europe?