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A star influencer, also known as a mega influencer, is an influential figure who has achieved a high level of fame, recognition, and popularity in various fields. They have a dedicated following on social media platforms, often consisting of millions of followers. Due to their celebrity status, they often associate their image and values with a brand, addressing an audience beyond social networks. 

Why Star Influencers?

Brands often collaborate with star influencers to promote their products, services, or causes, leveraging the influencers’ wide reach and influence to increase brand visibility and drive engagement. They can be effective partners for brands seeking to target a broad audience or gain exposure on a global scale, as they possess the ability to generate massive attention and create a buzz around a brand or campaign. 

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Massive Reach

Star influencers have an enormous following, which means that they can generate an important amount of exposure for brands. 

Celebrities status

Celebrities status

Star influencers are often celebrities, which means that they have a high level of visibility and influence. Their endorsement of a brand can help to enhance the brand’s image and credibility in the eyes of consumers. 

Global Audience

Global Audience

Many star influencers have a global following meaning they can help brands to reach audiences in different parts of the world. 

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High Quality Content

Star influencers often have access to better equipment, locations, and resources. They can produce high-quality content that is visually appealing and engaging. Also, brands can leverage their large marketing potential. 

Example of collaborations
with Star Influencers

Brand image association for Adidas x Zalando

We asked the German yoga influencer Mady Morrison to produce quality content and share expert insights to present the new adidas sportsline across her social media channels.Thanks to her credibility, she reached a 10% engagement rate.

Powerful teaser for Café Royal Honduras

Six French macro and star influencers with engaged communities of 200,000 to 3.6 Mio subscribers had the mission generate content (UGC) and product feedback on Instagram to boost consumer interest before the arrival of three new coffee variety. 5 posts and 44 story sequences were created, with an average commitment of 13.4%! 

Boosting Coosur online visibility in Spain

We helped Coosur to increase their awareness on social media and educate about the use of this extra virgin olive on original meals. Four star influencers were selected to create perfect shots to share to their audience. They achieved amazing results: more than 2 million online impressions!

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