Nano influencers


Nano influencers are consumers who hold a relatively small but highly engaged following on social media with up to 1,000 followers. They have a close relationship with their community and love sharing their experiences and opinions through real life word-of-mouth.

Why Nano Influencers?

Nano influencers possess a unique power to genuinely connect with their audience, like a trusted friend recommending a product or service. Their intimate and relatable approach fosters authentic engagement and trust among followers. Partnering with nano influencers allows brands to reach niche, engaged audiences, leading to increased brand exposure, higher engagement rates, and stronger brand loyalty.

nano influencer authenticity


They have a smaller following, which enables them to maintain a more intimate relationship with their followers and provide an authentic endorsement of products or services. As a result, they have a higher engagement rate triggering brand interaction.


Strong ROI

In collaboration with IRI, we measured more than 30 campaigns. It shown a median ROI of 2.47€ on product level and 4.08€ on brand level. This makes nano influencers a very cost-effective solution for brands across various industries.

Avis visuels

Massive UGC

Nano campaigns can provide a massive amount of User Generated Content for brands: photos, videos, or reviews. This authentic and real content may then be used for an owned brand channels like social accounts, websites, or e-commerce.

Real recommendation

Real Recommendation

Recommendations from relatives are the n°2 worldwide touchpoint after TV (Kantar). Perceived as highly trustworthy, they can drive remarkable impact! Nanos allow to organize targeted product trials and spread word of mouth about brands.

Nano influencer communities

Our community of Nano Influencers


Our TRND platform is the biggest European community for collaborative marketing. With more than 5Mio members, companies can work with the exactly right targeted people, enabling them to do away with forking out huge budgets for ads and instead invest their money in the development of cool products and concepts, safe in the knowledge that their customers already love them and give them honest feedback.

Example of collaborations
with Nano Influencers

TikTok boost for online product awareness for L'Oréal Paris

To boost the online awareness of the new Mascara Telescopic Lift from L’Oréal Paris, we activated 150 nano influencers who created authentic contect pieces on their social media profiles. They also shared their product experience through videos published on TikTok and Instagram.

Awareness for NUR DIE product launch

We activated nano influencers to raise awareness for the new period underwear by NUR DIE. The goal was to inform about the alternative menstrual product and to create online awareness through UGC and authentic reviews for the online shop.

Helping Naturactive to become a preference brand

To help Naturactive to move from being a reference to preference brand, we activated 520 Nano & 230 unpaid micro influencers who managed to reach 1.1Mio contacts online thanks to 2,300 creative posts on Social Media. The Marketing team who tracked the brand business performance noticed a strong impact on the sell-out which increased by 75%.

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