Macro influencers


Macro influencers are professional content creators with a significantly larger and diverse following on social media platforms, often ranging with over 100K followers. Their reach extends far beyond their immediate circle, captivating a wide audience with their engaging and inspiring content.

Why Macro Influencers?

Macro influencers have the ability to captivate and mobilize large audiences, making them potent partners for brands seeking to elevate their visibility and engagement. Working with macro influencers can result in amplified brand exposure, heightened engagement rates, and the establishment of lasting connections with a diverse range of potential customers. Through strategic collaboration, we help brands unlock the full potential of macro influencers, ensuring their message reaches the right audience and resonates profoundly in the digital landscape. 



Macro influencers have built up their community and set themselves as credible and knowledgeable in their respective fields. Their recommendations are seen as trustworthy and influential. 


High Reach

Macro influencers have a large and diverse following, meaning that brands can reach a wide audience and generate a high level of exposure. 

Avis visuels

Professional Content

They know how to professionally collaborate with brands, they are often supported by a dedicated team who can handle their management, social media accounts, and campaigns. 

Brand association

Strong Brand Association

From a collaboration with macro influencers, brands can benefit from their strong personal brand and reputation. 

Example of collaborations
with Macro Influencers

Encouraging travelling with Swiss Tourism through influencers experience

To draw attention to Switzerland as a travel destination, we activated 10 high-reach macro influencers for Swiss Tourism. Each of them shared a Story on Instagram based on personal impressions and imagery achieving more than 1.19 million views.

Enhance online visibility and improve consumer education for L’Or Barista

We helped L’OR Barista to achieve its objectives: awareness and online visibility for the brand and its products and consumer education about capsules specificities and advices for use/consumption. 34 Macro and Star influencers were mobilised to create videos on social medias, reaching over 8 millions organic impressions.

Helping Cupra to increase awareness of a benefit concert they sponsor

We helped Cupra to raise online awareness of the benefit concert sponsored by the brand through social media. We activated one macro influencer to increase community engagement and driving traffic to the ticket sales page to generate conversions.

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