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The different types of influencers

At TERRITORY Influence, we believe that everyone has the power to recommend a product or service. From a simple conversation with a friend to an online post, experience sharing can help consumers make the right choices at every level. Scroll down to discover the different categories of influencers!

Nano influencers

Nano Influencers

Engaged consumers who love to share their personal opinions through real-life conversations and online posts.

Less than 1,000 follower

Micro influencers

Micro Influencers

Social addicts who generate organic or paid online reach with authentic social media content & interactions with their community.

1,000 to 100,000 followers

Macro influencers

Macro Influencers

Professional content creators who skillfully introduce brands to their strong audience with their expertise and creativity.

More than 100K followers

Star influencers

Star Influencers

Celebrities who associate their image & values with a brand during testimonial and appeal to an audience beyond social media.

Up to millions of followers

Collaboration with brands

Working with nano & micro influencers helps brands to develop a word-of-mouth and peer recommendation approach. This allows them to work on education and pedagogy, and thus helps consumers understanding a product or service, its purpose and expected results.

On the other hand, macro & star influencers offer a more professional approach. They are paid for their collaborations and respond to precise briefs drawn up by brands. They increase the visibility, reach and awareness of a brand or product. It can be particularly effective in reaching large audiences and generating massive exposure.

The key to success lies in the judicious combination of different types of influencers according to the brand’s marketing objectives. It’s crucial to carefully select influencers according to their profile, the platform on which they’re active, their content mechanics, formats and communities.

Influencer Scale

How to select the right influencers?

At TERRITORY Influence, we believe that the right influencers to collaborate with is essential for the success of your influencer campaign. Our expertise lies in selecting the perfect influencers that align with your brand and campaign objectives. Here are some valuable tips to ensure optimal influencer selection:

How to select the right influencers?

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