Inclusion & Diversity: the influencers that empower

Written by Juliette Maumelat

March 11, 2022

With International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th, we wanted to share how important female influencers can be in order to inspire and support other women around the world.

Inclusivity & Diversity for a long-term vision

It’s been a few years that we have witnessed a growing desire among social media users to consume raw content. Social challenges occurring in our society push people to interact with each other’s creating diversity of viewpoints, thus inclusion.

The ways in which brands seek diversity and inclusion in their content marketing can totally influence customers’ brand perception and affinity. Social media allows users to connect in multiple ways; videos, images, hashtags, podcasts… which encourage users to share their personal experiences that can have powerful inclusive marketing results. Influencers can help brands target audiences with shared commitments but they can also offer critical feedback to help brands demonstrate their dedication to social values that empower their long-term vision.

Influencers, advocates of self-esteem

Accepting yourself and developing an authentic sense of self-esteem isn’t always easy in a society that promotes high beauty and feminity standards. We are aware that social media can be a place of many complexes for some people. That is why it is very important to find role-model that share different types of content reminding us that differences are to be celebrated. In this way, influencers talking about women’s rights and everything related to women’s bodies can make a huge difference. Educational content and testimonials about topics such as body positivity, eating disorder recovery, mental health and feminism can empower people that share the same experience or suffer from the same condition.

Social media became a true place of exchange and a safe place for testimonies. The original relationship of trust between influencers and their community is strengthened and even more authentic. To showcase the diversity, strength, determination, courage and many other characteristics that women spread on social platforms, here is our #TOP3 favourite inspiring and empowering women influencers:

At Territory Influence we put a particular importance in finding the best influencers and powerful voices to amplify and promote your brand values.