Influencer Marketing: the key to success for beauty brands

Written by Juliette Maumelat

December 1, 2021

Influencer marketing in the beauty industry

Diversity of content

Influencer marketing covers every imaginable niche, but the beauty industry was one of the earliest to adopt this best practice. With their powerful community and their overflowing creativity, influencers have become an essential communication and marketing tool for companies. Collaborating with social celebrities to bring products off the shelves into the home, has allowed consumers to see the products being used with real results in front of their eyes. Influencer content is the most engaging type of content as it’s most of the time done with authenticity and transparency. The different social platforms, and especially Instagram, offer numerous creative content possibilities:

  • Pictures: Make-up looks, products close-up.
  • Videos: Make-up tutorials, skincare routine, beauty secrets, go-to make-up products.
  • Filters & augmented reality so people can try products from home before making a decision.

Sales driving

On the other hand, collaborating with social endorsers is now an imperative tool to build awareness, increase engagement, and then drive sales. Many surveys have shown that when it comes to purchasing make-up items, more than 65% of consumers decide to buy a cosmetic after hearing the reviews from an influencer on social media. Even if it was already well established for some companies, the digitalization of beauty brands was even more intensified by lockdowns. It’s not an option anymore, it’s a norm. Influencer marketing is THE key to success for beauty & cosmetic brands.

“Digital is one of L’Oréal’s main growth drivers, and this became even more apparent during the crisis. E-commerce compensated for 50% of the decrease in brick-and-mortar points of sale with 1.25 billion visits to our website.” L’Oréal Finance annual report

Our #TOP5 European beauty influencers

The beauty industry gathers different sectors: make-up, skincare, haircare, etc. Most of the time, beauty influencers have important messages to share and many of them do it through their makeup or skin conditions for instance. These authentic experiences and testimonies allow creators to be close to their community. In that way, the audience develops trust and can identify herself to people that become their role models. This phenomenon is a real opportunity for beauty companies. As a brand, partnering with an influencer that has a universal inclusive message that matches your products will definitely benefit your reputation and sales.

Discover our personal favourite profiles and their convictions by watching this short video:

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