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Nano & Micro Influencers for BIODERMA Atoderm 

In the highly competitive Polish market, BIODERMA faced a significant challenge in increasing the visibility and sales of its Atoderm Intensive Baume, a specialized skincare product designed for extremely dry skin. BIODERMA needed a strategy not only to introduce the product but also to educate the market about its unique benefits and build brand loyalty.

Our Solution

Strategy Overview: To overcome these challenges, we devised a comprehensive influencer marketing campaign focused on nano and micro influencers. This approach was chosen due to these influencers’ perceived authenticity and closer relationships with their followers, which are crucial for products requiring trust and education.

Influencer Selection and Education: We activated 100 carefully selected nano and micro influencers who had a track record of engaging with health and beauty content. Influencers were selected based on criteria such as authenticity, quality of engagement, and follower count. We provided these influencers with VIP starter kits containing Atoderm Intensive Baume and other BIODERMA products. Additionally, we conducted educational activities through welcome letters, project websites, and regular newsletters to ensure the influencers had all the necessary information to promote the product effectively.

Content Creation and Distribution: Influencers were encouraged to create unique content that resonated with their personal experiences with the product. This content included Instagram stories, posts, and reels, where they shared their skincare routines incorporating the balm and highlighted how it solved specific skin issues such as extreme dryness and sensitivity during the harsh Polish winter.

The Results

Content Reach: Influencers published 240 unique pieces of online content, collectively reaching over 3 million viewers. This reach was supported by both social listening and reported activities​​.

Engagement and Recommendations: 99% of the influencers who participated in the campaign reported that they would recommend Atoderm Intensive Baume to their followers​​. Engagement rates on posts were significantly higher than the industry average, indicating strong viewer interest.

Qualitative Feedback: Feedback from both influencers and consumers was overwhelmingly positive. Influencers praised the educational aspect of the campaign, noting that it enhanced their credibility and confidence in promoting the product. Consumers appreciated the genuine testimonials and detailed information, which helped them understand the benefits of the product better​​.

Visual and Media Highlights: The campaign also featured visually engaging content, including before-and-after skin condition photos and video diaries documenting the skin improvement journey of influencers and selected followers​​.

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