Case study

The brand Tulip is a Danish brand owned by the meat processing company Danish Crown. The company places great emphasis on the quality assurance and control of its products, guaranteeing their unique taste. It is no wonder that Danish Crown holds the title of “World Champion in Food Safety”.

As part of a nano influencer campaign, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the brand at the end of 2023. The campaign revolved around the Tulip Bacon products, aiming to create online and offline awareness in Germany. The focus was on highlighting the excellent taste of the bacon. The goal was also to gather honest reviews and recommendations from nano influencers for the products and generate user-generated content (UGC) on social media.

+500 Baconeers

The target audience for this campaign consisted of enthusiastic bacon lovers who eat bacon at least once a month. With our receipt exchange system, our selected group of over 500 nano influencers could choose between the small Tulip Bacon strips and the Tulip Bacon slices, allowing them to independently purchase their favorite product at the supermarket. In addition to bacon lovers, the selection process also focused on individuals with children and people with their own household. Therefore, the average age of the nano influencers ranged between 30 and 45 years.

Over 6,500 product trials

Through our close support of the testers via Microsite, personalized Newsletters and regular surveys about their product experiences, we received numerous impressions and detailed feedback from the enthusiastic Baconeers throughout the campaign process. The products received an overall rating of 6.5/7, and 82% of the participants would buy the product again after the campaign. Through a strong word-of-mouth effect, we reached nearly 7,000 people who tried Tulip Bacon, surpassing the initial 500 nano influencers. Additionally, the successful trnd campaign with Tulip Bacon led to an an impressive 96% recommendation rate.

Check out the KPI´s down below.

TERRITORY Influence x Tulip

Online Reach

Offline Reach



Recommendation rate

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