Case Study
Handy Bag (Melitta)

Our experts helped the Handy Bag® brand to improve its visibility for a new trash bags’ range through the generation of peer-to-peer conversations (WOM) and the education on the product benefits, combined with the recruitment of new consumers. The influencers’ mission was to show the ultra-resistant, waterproof and practical benefits of this innovation for standard or tall bins on the French market.

96% would recommend the product to their peers.

We activated 3,000 Nano et Micro Influencers, all round waste bin owners, with an average community of 972 followers on Instagram. All were interested in discovering the brand ; 72% of them were non-users of the Handy Bag® products.

At the beginning of the campaign, they received a box composed of: a welcome card, a roll of heavy-duty bin liners with sliding handles (the size of their choice) and 10 flyers with discount coupons to distribute to their surroundings. After the briefing phase, they shared the fun challenges online by using the campaign hashtag: #HandyBagUltraResistant.

The creative content generated positive feedback on Instagram, from not only the activated users but also their social community. This influencer marketing strategy appeared as a great opportunity to develop the brand sales with an average purchase intention of 88% analyzed after the home experiences. Scroll down to see a video summary of this successful campaign and more results!

“Thanks to Territory Influence, we were able to carry out a quality word-of-mouth campaign, with a real follow-up and a professional team always available. The results of the campaign were very positive and the influencers were activated in such a way that they played the game and that the content posted largely corresponded to our expectations, even with our products that seem difficult to make “Instagrammable” at first sight.”​ Clémentine Catroux, Melitta Product Manager Assistant

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