Case Study

In 2021, we helped Melitta by identifying people who want to buy a premium coffee machine, educating consumers about product benefits and usages to finally guide them to purchase the right Melitta coffee machine and share their experience on either a french e-retailer platform (Darty & Boulanger) or directly the Melitta eShop.

97 ratings & reviews published on Melitta e-shop & e-retailer platforms.

We activated 56 nano influencers, selected on our platform (730K members). They were all looking to purchase a new coffee machine and clients of the e-retailers partners (Boulanger & Darty). They managed the order of a Melitta Coffee Machine on their favorite eShop with attractive discounts thanks to a pay-back system. We guided them through our blog and newsletters for the purchase and experience stages by educating consumers on the benefits and then features (“how to use”) of each machine. This enabled us to ensure the product satisfaction and the outcomes – sharing positive testimonials on strategic shopping touchpoints.

A total of 97 ratings & reviews was published on the platforms : 56 on Melitta e-shop, 24 on Boulanger and 17 on Darty platforms. A lot of positive verbatims got generated on the product pages with in-depth sharing and personal testimonials. 7 different machines were featured with a single campaign ! The product pages, SEO of the brand website, traffic and conversion were boosted for the completed range.

“The coffee is really very good, I enjoy the pleasure of drinking my coffee! I have already tested other bean-to-cup coffee machines and I was bluffed by the Barista because it is really very quiet. This was part of my selection criteria and I am not disappointed..”​​ Thierry, TRNDer – Barista TS Smart Machine – 5/5 review

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