Case Study

The German chocolate brand Schogetten by Ludwig Schokolade is best known for its unique packaging and its famous limited editions, which are only available for a short period of time. In summer 2023 we helped the brand to promote the launch of their summer edition “Freeze Me” and the belonging competition as part of a macro influencer campaign. Besides that the objectives of this activation were also to increase the brand awareness and inspire followers with the content and make them curious about the products.

3 macro influencers inspired their communities

We selected 3 macros who create mostly food content. They published posts and stories with either a recipe or their personal Schogetten-moment on their Instagram profiles. A swipe-up link to the online shop was integrated into the Instagram Stories to drive traffic to the brands website.

The influencers created inspiring summer recipes and staged the Schogetten in the look and feel of their own channels. They talked about the novelty of the product, how to use it and showed simple recipe ideas. In their story they also referred to the competition on the Schogetten Channel and once again drew attention to the online shop.

Almost 800 saved posts!

The Food-Creators @mein_naschglueck, @escanutells and @wirsind_suess, who have a combined community of 120.000 followers, created a total of 8 content pieces (IG Reels & Stories). The content and the recipes were very well received by the community and reached over 200 k online impressions. The high number of the saves showed that people were interested and inspired. The swipe-up link was a major traffic driver to the brands website. In general, the content for the Schogetten Freeze Me recipes received a high number of positive reactions from the community.

“Working with TERRITORY always goes smoothly and with them we have influencer marketing experts by our side. We have already implemented several campaigns for our brand Schogetten and have been able to achieve great results with strong reaches by selecting the perfect influencers!”  – Junior Brand Communication Manager Ludwig Schokolade, Sophie Klingel

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