Case Study

We partnered with Quick France to execute an influencer campaign for the launch of their two new Stormtrooper-themed menus. Our primary objectives were to boost the digital visibility of their innovative burgers and drive consumer engagement. To achieve this, we leveraged our network of influencers to take over the social media galaxy and generate excitement around the arrival of the White Burger Cheese and the Black Burger Pepper.

Engaging 250 Influencers to Ignite Culinary Excitement

We carefully selected 250 nano and micro influencers from our database to meet our campaign goals. These influencers were not only regular fast-food consumers but also avid fans of the Star Wars universe and well-versed in Stormtrooper lore. To maximize the visibility on social media platforms, we handpicked ambassadors known for their frequent content creation on TikTok and Instagram.

The campaign kicked off with a pre-buzz phase, during which our ambassadors were tasked with spreading the news of Quick’s conquest with its two enigmatic burgers across their social channels. Upon the burgers’ release, influencers were invited to Quick with vouchers, allowing them to savor these new offerings before anyone else. They subsequently inundated Instagram and TikTok with playfully cosmic photos and videos, all under the hashtag #ALaConQuêteDeQuick.

A Resounding Engagement that Made Waves

The enthusiasm of our ambassadors led to a resounding success! More than 800 visuals were created and widely shared on social media, resulting in a massive online presence that generated 2,080 user-generated content (UGC) pieces and reached a staggering 1,462,112 impressions. The influencers loved the new burgers, with 94% recommending the Quick brand. By the campaign’s conclusion, purchase intent had surged to 88%, effectively transforming recommendations into promising sales opportunities.

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