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Drink brand influencer campaign
Beverage brand influencer marketing campaign
Beverage brand influencer marketing campaign
Beverage brand influencer marketing campaign

Case Study: Garage Beermixes – An Influencer Marketing Success Story

In June 2023, Garage Beermixes, a fresh entrant into the flavored beermix market, embarked on a campaign to bolster brand awareness through influencer marketing.

Campaign Strategy:

To successfully penetrate the flavored beermix market, we formulated a comprehensive strategy that involved leveraging the power of nano and micro influencers specializing in cocktails and flavored beer, a prime example of influencer marketing at its finest. These influencers were carefully chosen for their affinity for cocktails and flavored beer, as well as their enthusiasm for sharing their experiences both online and offline.

Key Components of the Strategy:

Influencer Selection: We meticulously handpicked 150 nano and micro influencers who exhibited a genuine passion for cocktails, flavored beer, and influencer marketing. These influencers not only had a strong social media presence but also actively engaged with their followers, making them ideal brand ambassadors.

Real-Life Product Experiences: The core of our influencer marketing strategy revolved around providing these influencers with Garage Beermixes products, allowing them to experience and experiment with the brand’s offerings in their day-to-day lives, creating authentic content for their audiences.

Online and Offline Sharing: We encouraged our influencers to authentically share their influencer marketing experiences with Garage Beermixes across their social media platforms, utilizing hashtags and mentions to maximize reach. Additionally, they were encouraged to discuss the products with their peers and friends in real-life settings, further amplifying the influencer marketing impact.


The influencer marketing campaign yielded impressive results, showcasing the effectiveness of our influencer-driven strategy.

Purchase Intent: A remarkable 86% of the audience expressed a strong purchase intention for Garage Beermixes, indicating that our influencer marketing campaign effectively influenced consumer behavior and purchasing decisions.

Product Advocacy: A staggering 94% of participants indicated their willingness to recommend Garage Beermixes to others, highlighting the product’s quality and appeal, solidifying the brand’s reputation through influencer marketing.

User-Generated Content (UGC): The influencer marketing campaign generated an impressive 405 pieces of user-generated content. This content served as valuable social proof, further enhancing the brand’s credibility and desirability within the influencer marketing sphere.

Extensive Reach: Our influencer-driven approach led to a reach of over 445,000 individuals across various social media platforms. This extensive reach significantly expanded the brand’s visibility and market presence, underlining the potency of influencer marketing in reaching diverse audiences.


The Garage Beermixes campaign exemplifies the potential of influencer marketing when executed with precision and authenticity. By selecting influencers who genuinely resonated with the brand and encouraging them to share real-life experiences, Garage Beermixes achieved remarkable results, solidifying its position as a promising contender in the flavored beermix market.

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