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With authentic and creative influencers, we created awareness for the Change Makers series produced by E.ON, which shows the innovative projects with which E.ON is already driving the energy transition today.


European Macro Influencers create awareness for the E.ON produced Change Makers series


The series presents selected E.ON projects across Europe whose innovative and sustainable energy solutions are already driving the energy transition today. The episodes, each 8-12 minutes long, can be seen on the E.ON Content Hub and on YouTube in 8 countries and adaptations. Click here for the trailer. In the different episodes, real sustainability projects are portrayed from different perspectives.

With 15 influencers, we supported E.ON to generated awareness, reach and user-generated content for E.ON for episodes 5 and 6 of the Change Makers series in several European countries.

To learn more about the campaign, have fun watching the video below: 


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