Case Study

In France, we developed a campaign to increase awareness of margarine, especially Fruit d’Or Gourmet, and recruit consumers through recommendation and education of family and friends based on real-life experiences.

A community of cooking lovers to share their experience

We selected 3000 nano and micro influencers on TRND, who loved cooking and were sensitive to plant-based products and the environmental cause.

Thanks to the recipes we shared and the education that was done, they were able to taste the product in different ways: baking, cooking and even in sandwich. They were also encouraged to share the experience with their friends and family with special recipes of cookies and bruschettas. Following these trials, 87% of consumers had the intention to repurchase Gourmet by Fruit d’Or. They liked the taste, texture, vegetal aspect, the greediness of the product and its quality.

“It is really good. I could use it to make a quiche, for pastry with cookies and simply on a slice of wholemeal bread. I am a fan of it and so are my family and friends. If I find it I will also buy the sea salt to test it as well since the mild has already won me over!” Sassane93

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Gourmet by Fruit d'Or
Gourmet by Fruit d'Or
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