Case Study
cerbona vegan granola

In Hungary, we supported the launch of the vegan granola Cerbona by activating 200 nano and micro influencers. The main objective of the influencer marketing campaign was to support the launch of the product by raising awareness and creating buzz through credible and authentic consumer-generated media.

200 nano & micro influencers

A team of 200 men and women on were selected to help Cerbona achieve its goals. All were either vegans or granola consumers open to a healthier diet. They could try both flavours of the granola and share their experiences and insights with the brand and with friends through beautiful posts and stories on social media.

Key learnings & results

During the campaigns, the influencers were turned into brand ambassadors. They received various assignments that were disseminated in blog articles and newsletters on A total of 636 influencer contents were published on social media platforms and an estimated online reach of 415 811 was achieved.

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