Wine has been a part of our society’s life since ancient times and, today, it continues to be one of the favourite alcoholic beverages. In Spain, according to the Spanish Wine Market Observatory, wine consumption has been growing steadily month after month since March 2021.

It is in this context that we developed a campaign for the winery Baron de Ley in which we activated 230 nano & micro influencers. By recommending El Coto wines (El Coto Crianza, El Coto Blanco and El Coto de Imaz Reserva), we sought to increase awareness of their brand and their WineClass project, and generate traffic to their e-commerce.


100% of consumers recommends the product

The success of this campaign was partly due to the excellent selection of the nano & micro influencers. They were regular wine drinkers with an active social lifestyle based in bars and restaurants. Their mission was to conduct wine-tastings at home following the WineClass online classes together with a sommerlier and post their experiences on social media with the hashtag #WineClassElCoto. And they did a great job! They published a total of 648 contents, twice the initial target. And at the end of the campaign, 100% of the influencers said they would recommend El Coto de la Rioja to their friends and family.


Boosting traffic and reach with a professional Influencer

To maximise the campaign we invited a macro influencer, professional content creator, who allowed us to further boost reach through an IGTV, a post and two stories. @GipsyChef has 226,000 followers and is a chef who collaborates with renowned Spanish media: La Vanguardia, Cocinar RTVE, España Directo and Zapeando. On average, he obtained an engagement rate of 7.8% with his IGTV in the campaign. In addition, with the paid media boost we achieved a reach of +322K, with +518K impressions, 8,531 clicks to e-commerce and a CPC Ix32 vs. Benchmark.

At the end of the campaign, the nano & micro influencers together with the macro profile managed to boost the awareness of El Coto and redirect their followers to the online shop.


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