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EY LAW employer branding

How to better gain new applicants than teaming up with a young Influencer who showes everything in a interesting way on social media? That is why the company Ernst & Young teamed up with us in Germany to raise awareness for their employer branding. An influencer campaign is the perfect way to highlight the company as a dynamic, modern and innovativ employer.

Who is Ernst & Young?

EY is a leading global professional services firm, offering advisory, auditing, and tax services to businesses worldwide. They help companies manage finances, comply with regulations, and make strategic decisions for growth. One of their departments is EY Law. They offer  a wide range of legal support to business.

In order to achieve our objectives we worked together with the macro influencer Louisa Laureen, who is a young law student. She was invited to the Hamburg office and showed her community behind the scenes of the department. She posted different content pieces on Instagram and TikTok to show a broader overview of the every day business life. A benefitial thing for the companies account: She posted the content on Instagram with the Co-Creation option, now the content is also on the EY profile.

People loved the daily business insights!

With over 264K Impressions on TikTok and Instagram (including Reels and Stories) we achieved high visibility for EY Law. Especially notable is the positive feedback the influencer got from her community. The community wished for even more insights in the comments. While the content gained a total of +6K Likes and 240 comments, 45 people even saved the posts. The interaction rate on TikTok was remarkably high at 6,1%. Louisa also posted a link sticker for more information about the company and 479 people klicked on that.

After the campaign the client was very happy with the results:

The influencer campaign with TERRITORY helped us to show the daily life of the company. By splitting the content on Instagram and TikTok, the community has gained a broad insight into the EY office and interest in more has increased strongly. You can see that especially in the many positive comments. – Katharina Isselhard, Senior Employer Branding Specialist , EY

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