Case Study

In 2023, we partnered with ERN Laboratories in Spain to increase the awareness and consideration of their vitamin formula Astenolit Dinamic with the aim of reaching new consumers. This dietary supplement helps reduce tiredness and fatigue while improving physical and mental performance. 

After 12 days of use, influencers shared their experience

The brand’s target was women over 30 with active lifestyles who suffered from stress or physical and/or mental fatigue. To reach this audience, we developed an influencer marketing strategy in which we selected 4 macro influencers with a total audience of 505K followers on Instagram: @mama_primeriza_en_apuros, @mariamchef9, @candelaperez, and @vivircongusto. They had high-quality profiles primarily related to a very active lifestyle, creating content about family, sports, lifestyle, and business management. 

The content creator team generated an initial set of stories announcing that they were going to start taking Astenolit, and after 12 days, they published 1 Reels and another set of stories sharing how they prepared it and their experience with Astenolit focusing on the benefits observed. The ambassadors highlighted that they experienced having more energy (physical and mental), being more productive, having a better mood, finishing the day less tired (and enjoying more doing sports, playing with their children, working…). 

+1.8M people reached with Astenolit content

Thanks to the 24 contents published by the influencers showing how they have regained energy thanks to Astenolit Dinamic, they achieved +684k organic impressions with an average engagement rate of 3.7%. To increase the campaign’s impact, we boosted the best content with paid media, driving impressions up to +2.7M and getting +1.8M unique users to learn about Astenolit. In addition, we generated 6,530 positive interactions on the content published by the content creators, demonstrating great interest from the audience.


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