Case Study
Astenolit by Ern Laboratory

Early in 2023 we partnered up with Ern Labarotary to increase awareness and consideration for their productAstenolit Dinamic in the Spanish market. This brand produces a range of food supplements with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant extracts designed to restore someones energy and vitality in just 12 days. This product is perfect to complement your routine and make the most of each day. 

4 macro influencers shared their experience with Astenolit Dinamics  

In order to achieve the objectives, we worked with 4 macro influencers who should create high quality content and share the produced videos on Reel format as well on stories on their Instagram accounts. The influencers have been selected by theirbusy lifestyle  since the product reduces tiredness and supports a vital lifestlye. They all came from the lifestyle, business, sport and family category which involves tons of energy throughout the day. To begin with the ambassadors were asked to anounced through instagram stories that they would start using Astenolit Dinamic, then in their campaign videos, talked about the benefits of using the product  as a supplement on the daily basis for only 12 days and how it helped them to achieve all the activities they had scheduled. Lastly they share 2 stories at the end of the 12 days talking about how they felt and the changes they noticed 

 More than 684K total impressions on social media  

As a result of the campaign, we had 4 videos produced by the ambassadors which led to 6.5K total interactions on social media and a 3.7% engagement rate on their posts and reels. Each single macro influencer achieved great results like @candelaperez who got an engagement rate of 4.6%, or @vivircongusto who generated a reach of 46k on her stories. Furthermore, to make the most out of the ambassador’s content, we added paid media social boost on @Mariamchef9 reel leading to +2.0M total impressions and a reach of 1.3M. Also, the community got involved and many followers left positives comments on the videos about Astenolit and how good it was based on their own experience. 

We highly recommend it at the pharmacy, I have taken it on many occasions.“ – @mitacondequitaypon 


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