Case Study

Ordesa Laboratories is a Spanish company with over 80 years of specialization in infant food and nutrition. At the beginning of 2023, we collaborated with them to increase the awareness of their product Ordesa Kids Imunoglukan P4H 5 days, a dietary supplement that supports the normal functioning of the immune system and respiratory health.

3 Professional Influencers to help Ordesa Kids achieve its goals

To achieve Ordesa Kids’ objective, we devised an influencer marketing campaign where we selected 3 macro influencers with great notoriety in the Spanish market, linked to the children’s world to convey the brand’s message. The chosen profiles were @crisorroche (234k followers), @carmenestefano (363k followers), and @soyunamadrenormal (115k followers), with an average engagement rate of 3.4%.

Under the creative concept #QueFluyaElAire, the professional content creators told the world with 1 Reel and 3 Stories each that thanks to Imunoglukan P4H 5 days, children can breathe freely. Their content focused on the benefits the product offers due to its various ingredients.

More than 1,6M People Learned About Ordesa Kids Imunoglukan P4H 5 days

Finally, we obtained very good results thanks to the 12 contents published on social media. Organically, +940k impressions were generated, reaching +1M people. To enhance these qualitative contents, we activated paid media, achieving +1,25M incremental impressions and reaching another 868K users.

Additionally, the posts received 14,970 interactions from followers, who left positive comments such as these:

“It’s great! I used to give it to one of my children who was prone to bronchitis. His pediatrician recommended it and he improved a lot” – user @familiatuttivlog

“My pediatrician recommended it and from what I hear from other moms it’s wonderful” – user @martitamartiin1

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