Case Study

To position Sparda-Bank West as a trustworthy, local and responsible partner in matters of finance, we activated 5 Macro Influencers who created emotional posts, stories and reels on Instagram.

Influencers convince with emotional and authentic content.

5 Macro Influencers created awareness for Sparda-Bank West and its advantages of regionality and approachability by sharing emotional content on Instagram. They talked about what “home” means to them and engaged their community to share their thoughts about the topic. On top, to boost traffic and generate link clicks guiding to the Sparda-Bank website, we used social boost of three influencer posts.

Overall, we were able to achieve high visibility for Sparda-Bank West with more than 3 million organic and paid impressions through emotional storytelling and social boost across all content pieces of the campaign (posts, stories and reels). In addition to that, we reached an engagement rate of 8,7%, supported by an engaged community. More than 5k link clicks indicate that the followers were once again very interested in the campaign and were happy to find out about Sparda-Bank West. 

Macro Influencers

Online Reach

Organic Impressions

Link Clicks