Case Study

In Germany, in 2022, we created awareness for GeloRevoice by selecting a macro influencer and nano influencers who regularly struggle with voice problems and have not tried GeloRevoice before. Their experiences and enthusiasm about GeloRevoice and spread the word online and offline.

The goal was to create offline and online awareness, educate about the usage and benefits of GeloRevoice and to generate online reach as well as high-quality content.


1000 Nano Influencers and 1 Macro Influencer

We put in place an educative process. Each influencer received a product box with 6x GeloRevoice and one premium cover letter. On top, we guided them through the campaign via handbook and a dedicated website and inspired them with newsletters. The macro influencer showed his community the benefits of GeloRevoice in his Instagram story.

At the end of the campaign, 86% would recommend GeloRevoice to a friend and 71% would buy the product after the campaign. We generated great awareness with more than 3 million brand impressions and created a strong word-of-mouth campaign with around 200k offline reach.

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Brand Impressions

Offline Reach


Recommendation Rate