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CAFé royal honduras

In the summer of 2020, Café Royal launched the HONDURAS line of coffee beans with a strong focus on the brand’s commitment in Central America to sustainably improve the quality of life and working conditions of coffee farmers. In order to generate consumer interest before the arrival of the three new varieties, the marketing team called on Territory Influence. To meet the visibility objective, the agency recruited six French macro and star influencers with engaged communities of 200,000 to 3.6 Mio subscribers. Their mission: generate content (UGC) and product feedback on Instagram – aplatform that is affinity with the marketing target group.


A powerful teaser for the brand thanks to Macro & Star Influencers.

Café Royal’s expertise and commitment was passed on to the creators – selected for their values and interests in common with the brand. They were able to taste the different products at home and share their own opinion. Beyond a few campaign hashtags and a “swipe up” link to use, the briefing was deliberately light to respect their creativity and tone. This trust granted by the brand made it possible to maximize the outcomes of the campaigns: 1.43 million impressions for 5 posts and 44 story sequences, with an average commitment of 13.4%. UGC were also a good way to gather buy-in to the Café Royal project – not only via influencers but also exposed consumers with more than 700 positive comments and insights. A success story for the brand that continued with its innovation on the shelves.

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