Case Study

The world-famous cosmetic producer L‘Oréal was looking for a suitable way to generate content and ratings & reviews for its cosmetic product range Men Expert Hydra Energy, specifically created for men‘s skin, as well as increasing its online reach. Thanks to TERRITORY Influence’s sophisticated selection mechanism, it was not difficult to identify the most 750 suitable Micro Influencers to build the Hydra Energy Action team and provide them with the Hydra Energy Aufwach-Kick Detergent and facial cream.

More ratings & reviews thanks to well-chosen Influencers

Beyond social media posts, we boosted the generation of ratings & reviews, in particular on amazon.de. For this purpose, we identified 40 Amazon Prime clients within our team of 750 Micro Influencers. We offered them our Amazon-Add-On: if they liked the product, they could repurchase it on Amazon and give it to a friend to try – and get the full price paid back from us.

Micro Influencers

Online Impressions

Social Media Posts

Ratings & Reviews