Case study
Grefusa #GustazoConcedido

In 2021, we developed in Spain a campaign to increase awareness and drive traffic to Grefusa’s #GustazoConcedido promotion. We focused on two of their star products: Papadelta and Gublins. The micro influencers’ mission was to boost the promotion’s visibility by explaining the steps to follow in order to participate. Consumers could win +1,000 prizes using a promotional code found inside their snack bags. They also had the chance to win a prize worth €5,000 between all participants.

Boosting the campaign with 400 targeted micro influencers.

Using the data and insights provided by our TRND platform, we were able to select 400 unpaid micro influencers who fit the desired profile: young men and women who consume snacks and appetizers, and like to have fun with their family and friends. Micro influencers stand out for their authentic and credible content that generate higher engagement (on average 4.2 times higher than macro & star influencers on Instagram). They also have a high level of interaction with the audience and create a close link with the brand which increases visibility and the percentage of purchase intent.

We maximised the power of creative content!

At the beginning of the campaign, we sent a box with 15 products to each content creator. The aim was for them to taste the products and post their food experiences on social media, focusing on Instagram. In total, 600 highly creative contents were produced and maximised by Grefusa within its own social media ecosystem. Meanwhile, Paid Media was used to push the best content. This increased the visibility of the campaign, drived more traffic to the e-commerce platform and enabled the brand to reach new audiences among their target group.

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