Case Study
Garnier micellar cleansing water

This year for pride month Garnier launched their micellar cleansing water in a new design: the rainbow flag. They wanted to intensify their allyship and send out a powerful message on one of their best-selling products.

To raise awareness for the CSD themed product, they wanted to shoot a commercial spot. Our mission was to find the perfect influencers that represent pride in the best possible way. In order to select the best ones we needed to find the perfect match for garniers mission which is “to celebrate ALL skin types, inclusive of ALL GENDERS, ALL RACES, ALL AGES & ALL SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS.” 


The perfect influencer match

We picked Paula, Antony and Nardos for this campaign. They are either part of the LGBTQI+ Community or proud allies. Their previous experience in front of a professional camera was perfect for this type of content creation. Antony is a professional dancer, Paula participated in the TV-Show “Prince Charming” and Nardos is working as a model. 
The slogan of the campaign was “REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP NOT YOUR PRIDE” and the video was published on TikTok, Pinterest and all of Meta´s social media platforms.

Here you can have a glimpse of the created commercial spot: