Case Study

Hero is a food company that offers consumers natural products, carefully selected from their origin, maintaining the highest quality and safety throughout the entire process.

At the end of 2023, we created an influencer marketing campaign for Hero with the goal of increasing awareness and consideration of their range of Temporada jams among the desired audience. These jams are characterized by being made with seasonal fruits, respecting the ingredients and preparation processes to obtain a quality product.


200 Jam Consumers Revealed Their Favorite Hero Temporada

We selected 200 unpaid micro-influencers through our TRND community who met the brand’s criteria: men and women between the ages of 25 and 45 living in Spain. Additionally, they were regular consumers of high-quality jam, ensuring they paid attention to the percentage of real fruit used and the quality of the ingredients. 

Participants received a package at home with the complete Hero Temporada series, a mug, and a welcome letter. Just as you would with a TV series, we asked them to choose their #HeroTemporadaFavorita. We invited them to include Hero Temporada, Hero 1886, and Hero 100% fruit ingredient ranges in their breakfasts and then share their experience on their social networks, explaining why that range was their favorite.

Over 10M Online Impressions for the Hero Temporada Jam Range

The brand lovers generated a total of 613 UGC, achieving +3.5M organic impressions. Subsequently, we implemented paid media on the best content, reaching +6.7M incremental impressions.

After trying the Hero Temporada jams, the brand ambassadors were completely satisfied with the entire range, especially highlighting the taste and quality. Even 100% stated that they would recommend the product to their friends and family, and 98.4% expressed their intention to purchase the jams after the campaign.

Participants shared their satisfaction at the end of the campaign in this way:

“We really loved its taste, so homemade and rustic. As well as the texture of the jam.”

“What I liked the most is the strong fruit flavor with pieces but without being overly sweet. It feels very good and is delicious to start the day.”

“All the jams were absolutely delicious, we enjoyed them with both family and friends, and I know several people who discovered them thanks to us have bought them and love them.”

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