Case Study
olly lingerie

In February 2022, we supported for the first time in France a lingerie brand. Our main objectives were to develop Olly Lingerie awareness, visibility and drive traffic to its online shop. The influencers established its local, premium and eco-responsible positioning by sharing their real-life experience.

23.2% of average engagement for the Instagram posts.

We activated 16 micro unpaid influencers with 1,000 to 10,000 followers on Instagram. A couple of them also managed a blog and was written regularly articles. We carefully selected them according to the brand criterias. The squad of fashionistas was interested in eco-friendly fashion and the majority of them was comfortable to pose in lingerie, which is key for staging that type of products.

Based on available stock and sizes of the range, they received an unique code to order their two premium lingerie sets (Amour Pivoine & Dawa Myositis) on the brand e-shop. After the briefing phase, the content creators shared the lingerie sets online by describing the brand engagement, using the campaign hashtags: #OllyLingerie #GreenLingerie, as well as a 10% discount code. The rigorous casting of influencers enabled us to nicely surprise Olly Lingerie with more contents published per creator than requested. Their creativity and beautiful stagings generated positive feedbacks on Instagram, from not only the creators, who were really enthusiastic & committed, but also their social community. 75% of them worn the sets on their posts. For some of the girls, it was even the opportunity to dare to wear lingerie for the first time on their feed !

“This influencer campaign allowed us to create qualitative contents in which the products were clearly visible. Most of the time the products were worn, which is important for us in lingerie”, Mathilde de Sacy, co-founder of Olly Lingerie.

This influencer campaign was a great marketing opportunity for this young french brand with over 46 publications during the activation, with a mix of Instagram Stories (including Link Stickers), Posts and Blog articles. Home photoshootings were such a success that they provided many scenes of their new underwears with a total of 110 single pictures being produced and shared. Scroll down for more results about reach & engagement!

“This allowed us to make ourselves known to the community of influencers. As a good part of them was oriented towards responsible and green fashion, we can assume that their community is sensitive to these issues and that they can therefore be potential customers for Olly”​, Mathilde de Sacy, co-founder of Olly Lingerie. NB. During the campaign, already 22 orders were measured thanks to the discount codes.

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