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Founded in 1905 within the Piedmont region of Italy, Perlino has earned a reputation for the exceptional quality of its sparkling wines. Offering four distinct varieties of Prosecco, their unique trait lies in an extended tank aging process.
To b
oost their brand awareness and online visibility within France, they chose Territory Influence to set up an influencer campaign. The campaign strategy revolved around crafting premium content to accentuate the brand and product essence. This approach also aimed to expand their online exposure, thereby magnifying the brand’s virtual presence. Additionally, the campaign spotlighted the communal and shared experience associated with Perlino products.

5 micro influencers to create inspiring content

In order to address Perlino’s objectives, we set up a paid influencer campaign featuring 5 micro influencers.
We carefully chose the profiles, ensuring an adult audience to comply with the French Evin law. These influencers embody urban lifestyles, a passion for Italian gastronomy and have a distinct expertise in crafting content centered around travel, food, and lifestyle.
This alignment makes them an ideal match for the brand’s values and image.
Their primary goals were to deliver inspiring content through an Instagram post and a story, showcasing the Prosecco Perlino.

+2.3 million online impressions generated

Thanks to the professionalism of our influencers, we were able to generate over 2 million online impressions. A wide range of high-quality content was produced, including picnics, food pairings, and aperitifs. This resulted in engaged and enthusiastic communities resonating with Martiniquaise Perlino! Furthermore, we achieved a robust overall campaign engagement rate of 3.2%.

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