Case study

In the summer of 2023, Grefusa, renowned for its excellence in high-quality snack production, approached us for support in launching their new product in Spain: Piponazo Gourmet. This snack is a premium selection of sunflower seeds, larger in size with a unique taste and appearance, thanks to a touch of olive oil and sea salt.

400 micro unpaid influencer raised the pinky to help Grefusa

Aiming to increase awareness of this new product, we designed an influencer marketing campaign involving 400 micro unpaid influencers, selected from our TRND consumer community. These influencers were regular snack consumers who confirmed they would choose sunflower seeds as their preferred snack while watching TV.

Each influencer received a box with 14 bags of Piponazo Gourmet to try both for themselves and their close circle. The campaign centered around the creative concept #RaiseThePinky, highlighting the “Gourmet” and superior nature of the product. As part of the campaign, influencers were required to reference raising the pinky in their posts, symbolizing the consumption of a true gourmet product.

+7.9M total impressions to boost awareness of Piponazo Gourmet

Grefusa ambassadors generated a total of 902 social media posts, exceeding our initial goal by 50%, with Instagram being the main platform. These posts achieved over 1.1M organic impressions. To maximize reach, we activated a paid media boost on the best content, obtaining an additional 6.7M impressions and 14,500 clicks on the purchase link.

When evaluating the product, influencers highlighted the flavor and size of the seeds. 97% of them stated they would recommend Piponazo Gourmet to their acquaintances, rating it 9.2/10. Additionally, 90% of participants said they would buy the product again after the experience. Here are some of their comments:

“The best sunflower seeds, I really like their flavor, their size, and the touch of salt. I loved them!”-  Micro influencer

“I loved them, I was amazed when I tried the first handful and wanted more. I really liked the touch of oil and the size of the seeds. The bag size is also ideal.”-  Micro influencer

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