Case Study
 SCHogetten vegan

In 2022, we launched a micro-influencer campaign to draw attention and create awareness around the new vegan chocolate bites Schogetten edition.

7 micro-influencers were able to reach a 517k audience

We selected 3 lifestyle and 4 baking influencers to inspire their followers on Instagram and staged the vegan Schogetten in posts and stories. They had to create their personal Schogetten moment or an individual recipe.

The authentic storytelling and the integration of the Schogetten online shop as a swipe-up link achieved very good results. There were 7 Instagram posts and 14 Instagram Stories, with around 1400 people saving the content as a recipe inspiration for the future. A total audience of more than 517k was reached and over 490k impressions were achieved.


Social Media Contents


Total Impressions

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