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In 2022 in France, we kept on supporting Naturactive (Pierre Fabre Group) with a campaign to develop its brand awareness, working on visibility and desirability, educating consumers and collecting their feedbacks and insights for its supplement “Gouttes Aux Essences”.

1 203 Nano & Micro unpaid influencers with great interest in essential oils

Out of our TRND database, we selected 1 000 nano influencers and about 200 micro influencers. They were mostly feminine and interested in natural medicine with a preference for essential oils. And 27% of them even have a hypochondriac profile.

During 4 weeks, they had the opportunity to try ‘Gouttes Aux Essences”, a natural health solution developed with 5 organic essential oils, both in capsules and drinkable solutions.
After a phase of education about the product formula and benefits, the influencers shared their experience online with #MesGAE and also offline, with their relatives. The campaign generated a lot of UGCs and great insights for the brand.

Zabou42380 : “Every year my husband and I get colds in the winter and we can’t seem to get rid of them. Well, we both had the opportunity to test these two products. Drops or capsules, the result is bluffing! We are delighted and we have talked a lot around us to make known this beautiful discovery.”

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Case Study Naturactive Gae
Case Study Naturactive Gae
Case Study Naturactive Gae
Case Study Naturactive Gae

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