Case Study
mein bad by tesA®

With the objective to create online & offline awareness for mein Bad by tesa®´s bathroom accessories, we continued the successful campaign of last year. Therefore we selected 1,000 Nano & 6 Macro influencers to test various bathroom products, to share their experiences with their peers (on & offline) and to create authentic User Generated  Content (UCG). 6 Macro influencers showed the easy usage of the new glueing product together with various decoration ideas for the bathroom. They shared their inspiration on Instagram with posts & stories, used a swipe-up link to the online shop and offered a discount code for interested followers. The 1,000 Nano Influencers tried out the bathroom accessories together with their peers. They had the chance to experience the ease of the mein Bad by tesa® products at home. They also received coupons for friends and families to engage a broader audience for the new glueing solution. On top the tesa microsite on deepened the knowledge of the Nano influencers about the usage and benefits of the various products and inspired them for content creation and Social Media.



A successful campaign with more than 2.8k published photos and statements. 

The campaign generated an online reach of 1.4 million and an offline reach of 157k. In addition to that more than 2.8k photos and statements were published on 96% would recommend the products and 61% would buy another mein Bad by tesa product after the campaign.


Macro Influencers

Nano Influencers

Online Reach

Offline Reach