Case study
Hester’s Life

In October 2023, we launched a strategic campaign to enhance the visibility and appeal of Hester’s Life granolas and porridges. The campaign aimed to leverage authentic product experiences and generate buzz across various social media platforms.

Influencer Selection

We handpicked 300 nano and micro influencers, prioritizing those who embody conscious and healthy living. This was crucial to ensure alignment with the brand values of Hester’s Life. These influencers were selected for their genuine influence and ability to authentically engage with their audience.

Campaign Execution

The influencers were encouraged to incorporate Hester’s Life products into their daily routines, sharing their genuine experiences both online, especially on Instagram, and offline with their peers.


Repeat Purchase Intent: Post-campaign, 94% of the influencers showed a strong inclination to repurchase Hester’s Life products, mainly due to the natural benefits they experienced.

Recommendations: There was a 99% rate of recommendation, highlighting the influencers’ trust in the product.

Social Media Impact

The campaign led to substantial engagement on social media. The influencers’ content ranged from creative culinary posts to lifestyle integration, significantly boosting the brand’s online presence and audience interaction.

The success of the campaign demonstrated the power of carefully selected nano and micro influencers in a targeted marketing strategy. Their authentic connections resulted in high levels of credibility and impactful brand messaging.


The campaign for Hester’s Life not only elevated the brand’s profile but also affirmed the effectiveness of our influencer-centric marketing approach. It sets a benchmark for future campaigns, emphasizing the value of authentic and strategic influencer partnerships.

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