Case Study
Aqua Micellar Garnier

Remove your make-up in one easy step

Early 2023, we helped Garnier, a beauty brand that specializes in making products with natural ingredients for hair and skin care, to increase the awareness and engagement in the Italian market for their product range Aqua Micellar. Thanks to their powerful micelles, these products remove even the most resistant make-up efficiently and gently in one easy step. The challenge in this opportunity was to show the difference of the Aqua Micellar line from Garnier with the make-up removal wipes, which usually cause redness or irritation.


140 beauty ambassadors to achieve the brand’s goals

To help the brand achieve this goals, we selected 140 nano influencers on our community. They were woman aged between 20 and 35 years old and looking for skincare products who regularly spent time on their beauty routine. 86% of them used micellar water regularly during her make-up routine, most of whom already used Garnier.


2 challenges to engage the content creators

We divided this 140 ambassadors into 2 groups: one received at home a kit which included all the Aqua Micellar range and their mission was to generate creative and authentic content on social media, while the other’s group tasks was to buy 1 Aqua Micellar Peeling Delicato on Amazon (they received a 100% refund), write an outstanding review on the product page and share their experience with the product on their social media profiles.


Creative videos as a way to boost Garnier Aqua Micellar’s notoriety

After trying the product, the brand’s ambassadors published 203 contents in total, especially on TikTok and Instagram, achieving more than 1,8M online impressions. The beauty influencers did an amazing job on TikTok, reaching 1M impressions with 113 creative videos. Most importantly, they created some outstanding creative content where they educated their followers about the main benefits of Aqua Micellar, comparing it with removal wipes in an easy visual way. Finally, the Amazon’s group wrote 51 positives reviews with an average rate of 4.6/5.

“Finding a product that suits my skin is always difficult, but I was lucky enough to test this make-up remover. It does not irritate the skin and leaves no redness. It is very gentle and fresh on the skin. It immediately leaves the skin smoother and brighter and also has a pleasant light scent. I like it very much and would absolutely recommend it.”nano influencer


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